Find Hidden Operational Problems
In Your Business, Plan Cost Efficient
Solutions and Execute With Discipline

AEG’s specialty advisors are be rapidly deployed to help you tackle business crises or help pursue immediate opportunities which may arise. AEG’s multi-disciplinary “teams of allies” can provide you with extra hands and proven expertise to help resolve issues you have struggled to conquer – in the areas of communications, strategy, culture, human resources, conflict resolution, executive coaching, wealth management, marketing, financial services, operations and much more.

Fixing critical business challenges in a complex world demands collaborative team(s) with the right expertise and the best diagnostics to drive and measure results.

We use a three step process to help solve specific business challenges. First, your AEG Business Advisor meets with you to identify the immediate challenges, and define how those challenges impact your business and personal goals. Based on your discussions, the Business Advisor will outline the probable skills and resources needed to achieve your goals.

Then, we’ll introduce you to the right specialists to help further outline the necessary tasks. The specialty advisors will design and present a plan along with time frames, costs and probable outcomes. Some issues may require collaboration among several specialists. AEG’s unique collaborative delivery model provides you with access to more holistic solution set. Value Advisors work collaboratively with the Business Advisor, the owner and with the owner’s current advisors to develop and implement an integrated growth solution.

In most situations, appropriately solving immediate business challenges and achieving operational excellence requires the ability to measure outcomes. AEG has the right diagnostic tools to compare current performance against industry peers, so that you can immediately see actionable data to identify and prioritize areas for improvement. AEG’s processes are designed to improve operational effectiveness to strengthen your company’s culture and value.

We view problem solving as the first, and perhaps most important, phase of building and sustaining long term corporate growth and value enhancement. Access to AEG’s effective and cohesive specialty advisors to solve pressing problems, means that those same solutions can be catalysts for overall enterprise improvement and, then, form the foundation of your enterprise growth strategy.   Each step enhances your ability to compete and usually improves both your personal financial stake and opportunities for tomorrow.

What are the most critical issues holding you back from where you want to be in the future? Get started solving your most pressing business challenges.