Mark Haas

Mark Haas


Mark Haas works with executives and Boards to build organizational effectiveness and market value, with an emphasis on science, technology and R&D-centric organizations, mid-market private companies and progressive nonprofits. Mark facilitates high-profile sessions ranging from WWIV military strategy and recovery from nuclear terrorism to STEM education and national health security strategy to CEO retreats and strategy sessions. He also is an international trainer with clients in US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Mark co-founded and is Board Chair for the Association for Enterprise Growth and serves on its Advisory Board.

Recent projects include developing strategic plans for several healthcare nonprofits, writing a training program for management consultants in eastern Europe and central Asia, merging two scientific associations, revitalizing a human service nonprofit, and developing strategy for a national vital records enterprise. Mark has served in nonprofit leadership roles, including as past Board Chair/CEO and current Ethics Officer of IMC USA, and as committee chair and chapter president of several engineering and education associations. He a cohost of Executive Leaders Radio, Director the Library of Congress Asian Division Friends Society, and is Strategy and Ethics advisor to the American Association of Big Data Professionals.

He is a Certified Management Consultant, a Fellow of IMC USA, author of Daily Tips for Consultants, an expert witness, facilitator, speaker, former lead Baldrige quality examiner, and advisor to national technical and professional bodies. He holds degrees in biology from Colgate University, where he was named to the Konosioni honor society, and in planning from Harvard University, where he served as both a Teaching Fellow and Teaching Assistant.